Off the Rails

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Has it really been that long? Oh well, just goes to show how busy we've been. I've been enjoying myself not-singing on our latest tour of minor venues up and down the country.

I would love to post some photos... but someone forgot to put film in the camera! Honestly, they say Digital's the future but if you don't buy any film then the camera's rubbish!

I have had letters from fans that have suggested we should have done a daily blog when on tour. Some have even suggested that thats the whole idea of a blog! Well, I don't know about that. What I thought would be great idea ids if I was to list down all the dates and then type-in memories for each day -- what do you think?

Oh well, the others are unloading the van and getting grumpy because I'm not helping them.

See you soon.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More People Go Off The Rails

Well, would you adam and believe it!? There are some other bands out there called Off the Rails. Will we be taking them to Courts? Mark S feels maybe we could get a few bob out of it if we did and Glynn reckons the publicity would be fantastic.

I don't know what to do. Maybe we'll just write a song about it, watch the football tonight and then just hope there's enough room in the world for lots of us to go Off the Rails.

But while we're at it, here's the competition:
1. Off the Rails. Scottish heavy-ness and cooking up a treat with that Drum Omelette.
2. At the other end of the British Isles are Off the Rails... the blues band Steaming their way to your heart with a wang dang doodle.
3. And world-folk community band from Lancashire called, er, Off the Rails. Media stars captured in candid interview by BBC.

Have you found anymore you can let us know about? Maybe we could start a Bands Called Off the Rails community web site... mind you, there's probably already a Bands With the Same Name Re-united.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hi everyone... especially to all our followers... sorry, our follower.

Been a bit quite and blog-less lately as we've been in the studio, laying down some tracks and going off the rails! Will post some of the results soon... here and at our MyWasteofSpace site. We're also in discussions with iTunes. Yes, I had a real problem downloading an episode of Lost so I've been mailing the people at Apple. You'll be pleased to now I sorted it out and found the video!

Bye for now. More soon.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

We played in Clacton once. Don't remember too much about it. Not because I was suffering from the results of too much rock 'n' roll excess... just can't remember too much about it.

Its in Essex and its by the sea.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Meet the band...

Keyboards: Neal Cowerd
I like to call him Neal 'Down' or Downsie or Geoff (but drummers are always Geoff... unless they're a Steve). Yes, Geoff, after the great Asia and Buggles keyboard player, Geoff (kneel Downes!)... apparently he played with Yes, but I don't remember that. A journalist suggested we should knickname him Noel, but I don't know why.

Drums and Percussion: Geoff Free
Trouble is, he isn't... free. He's cost us a bomb what with a new kit last week, always losing his drumsticks and, since the new kit, we've had to hire a larger van for our current tour. Having said all that he's a great bloke. Rubbish drummer... but a great bloke. Sometimes we call him Downsie...

Bass: Glynn Miller
Glynn plods along nicely and he's rock 'n' roll through 'n' through. If he was a stick of seaside rock, it would say rock 'n' roll. He's got all the trimings... Harley Davidson, leather jacket, faded Levis, black cowboy boots, shades. Shame about the hearing aid though... especially when it interferes with the PA. We all call him Windy, although a fan once said we should call him Glenn... but I can't see why we should.

Guitars: Mark S Tey
Marks got a couple of really great guitars, they look gorgeous. Sometimes they sound good too. He's been playing guitar for ages now... since lunchtime and its now nearly midnight. The neighbours will be banging on the wall in a minute to get him to stop strumming and twanging. I think they'd put up with it more if you could recognise any of the tunes he was playing... but you can't. Still, I wouldn't have any other guitarist in the band, well, he's the one with the money, the equipment, the van, knows all the landlords... its his band, really I suppose...

Vocals: Me
It was my idea to do this blog, the others didn't want to and I have to do something as most of our numbers are instrumentals. I've been not singing in bands for over twenty years now. It all started when, at one of our early gigs we did a number with a very long intro and when it got to the vocal part, I'd forgotten the words and the band played on without me. Everyone said it sounded really good and I've been not singing ever since, really. I quite enjoy it... keeps me out of trouble.... and I'm one of the few non-singing vocalists out there. The critics say I have a very quiet style... which they quite like, I think.

About the band...

The thing about this band is.. that... due to the delicate nature of our day jobs we can't reveal who we really are! So, you'll just have to guess.

See us on tour at a venue near you soon... oh no... you won't, of course because as part of our 'keeping a low profile' thing we won't be touring... well, we might be but won't be advertising it by announcing on our blog or our MywasteofSpace site that we're at the Pig and Breakfast in Foxworth.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


...Off the Rails.

We're a band from the East of England. Keyboards, guitars, drums, bass. Some say we're all a a bit long in the tooth to be doing this kind of thing now... but... you're never too old to go Off the Rails!